Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Shortening - n. fat used for making pastry, esp. for making short pastry. Shorten - 1. to become or to make shorter or short; curtail. 2 reduce the amount of sail spread 3 (with reference to gambling odds, prices, etc.) become or make shorter; decrease.

It pretty much all applies because I have to shorten these curtains.

I've had the fabric since the spring and just could not bring myself to tackle making the curtains for the dining room. They are simple rectangles with rectangles of lining (the sail reference above). How simple is that. It was the hanging system that put me down. I do not love this style of big grommets or rings on metal or tabs that don't slide.

I was hoping a gathered sleeve might work, but once the curtains are open, they are all bunched up, blocking the view. I ended up going with the sliding rings. I hate the noise. Steve is very kind and opens the curtains in the morning, so I can start my day without an auditory horror.

In the past, every time I hem a curtain, it goes wonky, thus, the gambling. So this time, I have left the hemming until the fabric has rested for a few days and then I'll do them. Again, I have such a loathing to do this job. I know it will take less than an hour to complete.

I have promised myself that I can not move onto other projects until this and washing the kitchen floor are done. An Awful Tuesday is upon me.

Oh, the shortening in the pastry? The gentleman that borrows our driveway during the school term bakes for us every Tuesday. Today, Madelaines wait for me in the kitchen, with a lovely tea pot, already as a reward.

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