Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dim Lights

Weirdly, all the major light bulbs in the house have died in the same week. Weird, because I know that several of them were installed months after others. I spent an hour at the hardware store trying to find replacements. It's like the toothpaste aisle, there are so many variations that it is nearly impossible to brush your teeth these days. In the light bulb aisle, there are LEDs, Halogens and Incandescents, there are various diameters of the screwy-in bit and there are several styles of screwy-in bits as well. Also there are Watts, there are Volts and hours of life. In the end, I asked boy-Lout for help. I asked for alternatives to the bulb box that I had brought with me, in anticipation of the lightbulb selection conundrums. Guess what! If it isn't on the shelf, they don't have it. No? Really? I was asking for alternatives, I could already see that what I wanted wasn't there. I sit in very dim rooms today. It is raining, the studio is completely without lights, the kitchen is going on a light over the stove, the living room has one working table lamp and the dining room is the only room with a working overhead light.

I spent another age in the broom/vacuum aisle, where I was looking for a carpet sweeper. Do you remember those, or have you ever heard of those? I know they exist, I bought one just a couple of years ago and loaned it to my son. Since it doesn't appear to be returning home, I thought another one would be smart. Saves on electricity, they are much smaller than vacuum cleaners and since we have so much activity going on with the wood stove, the carpet is chronically dirty. The blank looks from the sales assistants would have made a graffiti artist glad of the opportunity to paint something. I ended up buying an electric one. Sometimes I hate the world, when something as simple as a carpet sweeper or clothes line takes months of messing about to achieve. I anticipate that pails are next in the obsolete items pile.
Rant over, candles lit and the photos begin.

The curtains are hemmed. Hemming curtains is a two person job. Next up will be the Living Room curtains, and I am not excited about them.

Christmas decorating efforts. If someone wants the decorations badly enough, they can finish this off. I brought the boxes down from the attic.



Beautiful Coton a broder arrived from Hedgehog Handworks. here She is going out of business. Maybe that's why I feel so glum. Hedgehog has been my life saver for a few years. She has everything I ever needed ever and ever and now, what will I do.?????? Deep sigh of sadness.

I'm all set for the next project but, I might just have to buy everything in the whole store in January.

Cleaning up the studio floor, (before the lights died) I made a few paper pieces to add stitch to. Not sure why, but when the glue stick starts jumping up an down and the scissors won't stop squeaking, man you just gotta listen.

I have some cute Christmas items I've made but can't post photos until after Christmas. Between now and then, I will be hunched over, trying to finish up without anyone seeing what I am working on. I have plans to watch a couple movies the others won't like, so hopefully, I can work then. Wait! Who am I kidding? The lights aren't working in the studio. I won't be able to see well enough. It must be time to find another hardware store and try again

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