Monday, January 16, 2017

Embroidery School

Classes have begun again with Karen Ruane (here) for most of the winter months. This session, we will be watching Karen as she figures out what's what on her studio table. She'll be stitching, making journal pages and preparing for a class she has offered in London in the spring (it's full). The beauty of this class, is that there aren't any expectations. We can work on our own projects or we can mimic whatever Karen is up to.

A fun idea for appliqued hexagons was one of last week's projects along with a trick with bullion knots. I have set aside some white and blue/white fabric to play with while watching the videos.

I have also pulled out my wandering threads sampler and added the hexagon idea.

The second hexagon is a lot better than the blue and white one. I figured out how to cut the inner hexagon with more accuracy from the backside of the fabric. I'm keeping it short this week, sick husband trying not to sneeze all over the house means having to clean the entire house as he wanders through, because he has terrible aim. I have not reduced my behaviour to crawling after him in the pursuit of germs, but have instead wrapped my entire head in shower caps with breathing holes in the back of my head. It might work but it sure is hard to keep my glasses on.

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