Monday, January 23, 2017

Two by Each progress

One of the two pillowcase edges is coming along nicely. Each edge is about 3 feet long. I should measure it. They are each 3 inches wide, plus the lace edges. Below I have worked on the first layer of the first 12 inches.

I decided to use only one main fabric for applique and cut work. My first impulse was to go for a quiet blue or soft green. These were too quiet. This fabric has some strong colors, a red and a gold and a navy blue that I will down play.

I've appliqued a narrow strip and made button hole lace around it.

From the bottom of the other pillow case edge, I cut off enough for a small pocket and have lain it over the top third of the appliqued strip. I've used two sizes of yo-yo and a yellow button. This was a real pleasure to play around with.

A little below the pocket, I've added a small snippet from a doily and then a corner of a thin batiste hanky. I've embroidered the floral motif and pleated the corner of the hanky.

French knots for titivation.

I attempted a rolled hem on the cut edge, but it didn't work. Then I used a tight button hole edge to make it ruffle a little. Bullion knots on the actual edge of the hanky that someone did manage a rolled hem on. I'm going to put something under the unfinished edge. The part I love about this project is the wandering through my stash of lace trim and edges.

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