Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hmmm, which photos to choose?

Steve and I have been playing "Sick as a Dog Tag" most of this winter and spring. It has been my turn to spend days in bed wheezing. Too fogged up to do anything more than watch black and white movies (Mrs TJ) I started to fret about missing two Mondays in a row. It turns out I have plenty of photos to share, but which thread to follow?

There's the thread of the garden,

There is plenty of time to look at garden photos, so let's move on.

There is the thread of a new course with Karen Ruane (here) called the Artist book

We are stitching paper and lace and fabric together (no surprise really) and of course, embellishing the hell out of it.

I am pretty behind on this given my lack of lungs and brain, so there isn't much to show yet.

The thread of "Me Made May" is something I've been working towards. For the past two years I have been gradually sewing more and more of my clothes. Out in the ether world there is an event called "Me Made May" that encourages sewists to wear at least one item per day in the month of May, that they made themselves. This selfie business is pretty tricky. I couldn't get the entire me photoed in the mirror. On top is a light blue t-shirt in a knit. It is the first knit that I have sewn since I foolishly made a bikini in the '70's and rued the swan dive that left my bathing suit back on the board. This knit item stays on when I move.

Below it is a lovely swishy skirt. Black knit slip with a black and blue floral circle skirt.

The shawl is a silk/linen combo that I knit over the spring is called Wayland (here) by Amor Esperanza. Very simple and quick.

Only the undergarments are store bought. I haven't signed up to properly participate in this event, so I don't have links to patterns or fabric sources. That's too much to ask. My closet is getting pretty full of items I have made. Yeah me.

The thread of "What happened in here?" is still haunting me. As I spring cleaned other parts of the house, tended to the garden and seedlings and became sick, everything was tossed in here. I am still stepping over piles, but at least the chair is clear of books. I put them on top of something else.

The final thread is "What's missing?" What is missing are my bees. The beekeeper Michelle had to take Queen Crocus out to her other hives and blend this hive with a hive that isn't doing too well. Just a few weeks ago, this hive wasn't doing so well and Michelle brought some bees from her other hives here. This hive began to thrive but lo.... A queen at the other hives died and the bees there needed rescuing. I miss the bees like crazy. I found them very calming. I'd look out multiple times a day and see different shadows and light playing on the hive, different amount of bees zooming around and different birds or cats sat around watching the bees. I am hoping that Michelle is able to bring a new hive here again one day. And that's only a drop in the barrel on what's been going on around here for the past two weeks.

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