Monday, May 15, 2017

What colour is this?

This is the weirdest colour I have ever come across.

I purchased this mohair wool about a year ago thinking to make a snuggly shawl. I thought it was a light mauve. I wanted something in the purple family, but not too dark and not too pink. Six months ago, I was back in the shop and asked if I could swap it for another colour, because it just wasn't singing to me.

I put the two balls back on the shelf, wandered around looking at other things and when my eyes were clear, I went back to choose a new colour. And chose the same two balls. In the pile of different colours, it showed up as a lovely mauve. It went well with all the other colours, reds, blues, yellows, greens and greys. I thought well this is obviously a versatile colour and will work with most of my clothes. I figured I had over thought things and went back to my original decision. Six months later, major month of sickness and it is time to get knitting on something that requires no brains at all.

In fact, I think zombies could knit this shawl pattern. Increase at one edge, purl back a row, repeat until first ball of yarn is finished. Decrease at the same edge, purl back a row, repeat until yarn is finished. Knit on 4 or 5 mm short needles, this is even easy on aching hands. The shawl itself is fine and will be a lovely thing to wear once it is blocked. But what the hell colour is it? It is ghastly. I've held it up against many other colours and while it never clashes, it never sparkles either.

For those of you who visit to see my studio stitching, it has been a barren month. I've been pretty sick for most of it and am up out of bed only two days ago. Still not breathing well, but soon.

I was able to get enough gumption up for one afternoon and managed to make two very small samples. I am rather proud of them, despite their size. See the gauzey mauve paper? That's the colour mauve I thought the knitting was going to be.

 Even the cat, Cleo Belle, who looks elegant in most colours, thinks this colour is a bore.

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