Monday, September 18, 2017

Almost there

Composure nearly reigns. I can see, I can smell, I can almost taste my routine. It would help if the cat stopped pacing. She is a very little cat but manages to thump around quite disgracefully when she is irritated about something. No one will take her outside for a morning glare at the birds, she has to do it through an open window. Not good enough apparently.

She has chosen the best lace and finished items to express her ire.
But onwards.

Last Friday I was invited to join a group of fellow textile artists for the day. They work mostly with quilting techniques, while I have stopped. We ooohed and aahhhed over each others work, as is half the point of meeting up. 

We also had an artists talk by one in the group, Regina Marzlin. Regina has a solo show, exploring line, form and colour at the Antigonish Public Library and not only is it very well presented, but the work is really enjoyable.

Regina has been fooling around with ovals lately.

She uses a combination of machine stitching and hand stitching as well as various surface markings. It was a real treat.

(oops, this is sidewise, sorry Regina)

Regina gave us the artist's talk that she had presented at the library earlier this month. We gave her a critique on it, helping her to shape it into two talks, one for a general public, one for fellow textile artists or other artists. It was fun.

Afterwards, we stopped in the little chocolate shop, Peace by Chocolate, run by a Syrian refugee family. Their web page is here (here) They sell online, and the maple leaf dark and milk chocolate combination is wonderful. Just this weekend they opened their factory. Kudos to them. The chocolate is delicious.

I have been stitching between major clean through events. Pictures next time. A return to routine involves getting to the gym at least twice a week. I have my gym clothes on and am ready to go lift weights.  The cat has stomped off, o bliss.

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