Monday, September 11, 2017

Mid September

Somewhere I read that most people don't get back into a routine until mid-September. I certainly am not. Today, I did not get to the gym, clean the upstairs, paint some baseboard trim or even get breakfast before lunch.

I look at the world right now and can't even think how many millions of people are seriously out of whack with life, routines, and even decent lives and all I can think about is my kitchen.

Every once in a while I think stress is a choice. The kitchen mess hovers over my head and I can't breathe.

I walk into the same kind of mess in the studio, and I relax. Same kind of breathing, same kind of mess, different responses.

I've written this paragraph several times and have no idea what message I want to send out. I firmly believe that to be peaceful in the world, you have to be peaceful inside yourself, then with the people and circumstances right in front of you. Looking outside at the world in important. The old ostrich with her head in the sand is irresponsible. But what on earth am I trying to process right now, I don't know. So let's call this a failed blog post. I wave hello to you all, hope you are strong and in love with someone or something and that next week, I'll know what I am doing again.

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