Monday, October 23, 2017

A little chilly

Some artists are good at doing art and nothing else. Others find the will power to attend to the matters of self promotion and follow through. I am working on the skill required to find the space heater, plug it in and keep it from blowing out a fuse or two. I read the header on my blog by Henry van Dyke, "The woods would be very silent if only those birds sang that sang best". I take this to mean it a good thing that I work on the skill of heating the studio, first by dragging the heater out of the closet.

I was a little excited and distracted this week. (Phoebe, stop reading now). My daughter Phoebe foolishly made a comment that she needed to upgrade her wardrobe a bit for her new job. After about 4 years of age, Phoebe only reluctantly let me sew cloths for her. It there was a picture of Dalmation dogs or other dogs, or maybe horses then I might be given the royal nod to make a dress. Otherwise, "No thanks Mama"

Without asking permission or checking out colour choices, I ran to the fabric shop with a plan. My cunning plan involved a skirt made of ultra suede, a knit t-shirt and possibly, an over shirt or blouse. I started with a stunning purple fabric but none of the other fabrics really went well. She would have looked like a grape Popsicle. I settled on a lovely green ultra suede (the photo does not do the colour justice at all) and found a deep green knit for the shirt and a fun polka dot multi coloured poly-rayon for a sheer over top.

I've made the skirt a size too large because I don't trust the pattern's specifications. When Phoebe gets here this weekend, she will have to try on everything for a final fitting. The skirt needs the side seams, hem and waistband finished off.

The green top is all done except for the cuffs. I thought a little ruffle might be nice, but have my suspicions that they will not be wanted. I await the royal wave.

The sheer over top can be worn with either side facing front. The pleats are closely spaced on the back or widely spaced on the front. The neckline is symmetrical to either facing so a tiny bit of playing around can happen. This needs some threads secured and snipped and it is ready to wear.

One of the reasons I chose the green is so that it can go with the hedgehog shirt I just made or a previous shirt with frolicking foals. All the girl needs now are some kick-ass shoes and a pair of pants to get through 5 days of work. What happens on the other days of the months is up to her. But I have a wonderful blue floral knit just dying to be made into a dress.

I'm kind of hoping she won't like it so I can make something for myself.

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