Monday, October 30, 2017

Show and Tell

Phoebe was here over the weekend, and we were able to finish three of the four garments I made for her.
Ta Dah! The hedgehog shirt.

The green t-shirt.

The over shirt with polka dots.

But not the skirt. According to the pattern pieces and her measurements, I needed to use a size 14. Surprised, I measured and thought this might end up being too small. I cut it out a tiny bit bigger than a 14, inserted the zipper and darts and basted the sides together. She tried it on and it is huge. I think the pattern pieces are just wrong. We turned the skirt inside out, drew the seam lines and new darts on with a pencil crayon and I will start again.

In the painting show and tell category, I plod along. Two free hand images meaning draw without looking too much at the paper.

small bottle with water and a pin cushion

This is a favourite technique of mine, as is drawing with my left hand.

tea cup with tea bag

Both of these are drawn with my right hand. The excellent smaller graphics are collaged on.

 I was staring around to find a new subject to draw and I saw a stitched piece taped to the wall. Why not draw my own art? Self-referencing at it's best. The piece is a yellow linen with green squares and a small section of scrap with orange stitches pinned on. The funny face was unintentional.

I did it again without drawing lines first and let the paint bleed into itself. I drew the small squares, some detail lines and the sewing needle with a  black pen. I bow low to the roaring crowd.

In other exciting news, I freed the space heater from the dark closet and plugged it in.

Now we are experiencing high temperatures and the room is very comfortable without it. I'm back from an orientation meeting for the homeless shelter I volunteer at. All the shelters in Halifax are already at full capacity and we haven't had a frost yet. We've also been told to expect a snowy winter. It's when I hear this sort of thing that I remind myself how lucky I am to have an extra room to put a heater in so I can spread out.

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