Monday, November 13, 2017

3 Shorties

For the past 3 days, I thought it was Monday and now that it is Monday, I think it is Sunday. On Wed. past my mom fell and fractured her pelvis. She is in Toronto. My brother had just left for the Dominican Republic and a few hours later, my sister landed from Vancouver. She was there for a fun filled weekend with her daughter. My sister and niece managed to get everything done that they had planned, but in a manner that only people on speed would find interesting. My mom is well and now in a rehab centre for a couple of weeks. I am due to go on Sunday because I am helping her get to and from some day surgery as well as keeping her entertained while she is recuperating. All this information to say that I have spent a lot of time on the phone and being stressed.

I made this little skirt from 3/4m fabric purchased last winter in Ottawa when visiting my daughter. It is a simple gathered skirt, no shaping or darts. I love it various colours and it has a lovely drape. It is going in the suitcase for Toronto.

Two weeks ago I made this wool herringbone patterned skirt from a new pattern. It too has a nice drape. It is lined and isn't itchy. It is meant for winter days when I want to wear a warm sweater and curl up in front of a fire. It feels very English.

It won't be going in the suitcase although I've been told that the temperature in Ontario has already been well below zero with wind chills. I will cross my mittens and hope the prediction of 2 to -2 degrees is correct.

The third shorty is this post. New windows for the studio are supposed to be coming the day I return from Toronto and I need to pack up the studio. That is an exercise in trying to keep one's shit from flying. What to pack and not pack. Stuff to pack for Toronto but will my stay be extended so I can help Mom when she is discharged. 5 days or 10 days or more? What can I work on before I leave? Will the windows even arrive? The windows might arrive but will they be installed? I need to spend more time than I like breathing the panic out.

Here's a little non-sequitor. A rouge tomato sprang up in a small pot that had nothing seeded in it. Out of curiosity, I let it grow and brought it in in the fall. It has been in a few sunny spots ripening. The other day I noticed this itty bitty spider roaming around the fruit. The fruit matured at the size of a ping-pong ball. Steve had it with a lunch last week and pronounced it good. Like god is reported to have said once or twice.

Mom's internet connections in Toronto are archaic. Remember the blue cable that connected us all to routers several million years ago? That is what she has. And it is a very short blue cable. I can only use it in her bedroom, on a very uncomfortable chair. I can't even get it to the bed. I might not be here next week. If that happens, send wishes or patience my way, I'll be looking for them.

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