Monday, January 15, 2018


The piece Two by Two is approaching the end.

It comes out to 42 inches long x 7 inches wide. The two edges of pillow cases have been joined together and old buttons added. I haven't had much success photographing it as a whole without it looking like some kind of weird scrap pile.

Free motion lace made by me has been overlaid and it now remains to fill in the gaps with more stitches.

I love this little section. I don't think it will stand out against the other sections, it will be a wee surprise.

I am also returning to work on this little booklet. The drawing comes from the image below in my not-everyday sketch book. I'm not sure what inspired the little house, it popped up. I'll show it again once the watercolours are added.

The booklet is a gift so I can't share too much until it is delivered. I have about 10 pages to fill in with images, collage and stitch. If I focus, it can happen.

I have also started another class with Karen Ruane, Embroidery School. There is a link up on the sidebar to her site. We will be exploring specific stitches that are less common and how they can be enhanced to add some zippity-do-dah to our work.

I decided that part of getting more serious about my work was to finally join Instagram. I have some lovely sites that I follow on facebook, but they are more about eye candy than people's work or my own work. I intend to post mostly work related images on Instagram. Once I figure out how to do this without too many bloopers, you might want to visit there. I do believe that the link on the sidebar is working.

There are still a billion images from Turkey that inspire me and i haven't even looked at Spain or Iceland. Going through these pictures makes me realize how lucky I have been to travel and to see such cool places. Since I live through my stomach, I have also had the blessing of eating some amazing meals too. I have a small idea about the images I have presented so far and will hold off on further images of inspiration until a later date. More on that another post. .... a reason to come back.

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