Monday, January 22, 2018

Those Inspirational Images are...

A Pain in the Butt.
After retrieving all those images and more on the horizon, I thought "OK, just what service do they provide?"
Are they actively involved in the current studio practice? If so, in what way?
Are they an image that I jump off and collect lines and shapes from? Are they colour collections? Are they the root of a story. The answer could be yes, but do I actually do that? Or just think I do.

As an experiment, I pulled one image out of the file, had it printed in colour and black and white and thought about the different ways I could use it.
I could get different fabrics and make up a direct copy of the container squares or do the same using stitched squares.
I could use the black and white, trace the dominant lines and come up with a skeleton shape that could be infilled with the colours but not as a replicate, more as splotches of colour.
I could cut out paper and magazines and fool around with the shapes towards a collage. Then I could find a way to collage the paper and textiles together and get something else.
I could find a nice piece of paper and write it all down in very well sectioned off squares and make a rubric. That would make a very nice visual To Do list.

That I would IGNORE.

Once I had figured a good many variations of what to do with the image, I was bored. Bored out of my mind. Once visualized in my head it was DONE forever.

Dear good image, I am sorry to report that your services are no longer required. Hope tomorrow is a better day, love Laureen

The question remains, what are they good for? I am thinking about it, I will let you know. P.S. I was quite startled to see the Instagram slide show up top on the right. Were you. I have to take that selfie off, it is silly.

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