Monday, May 27, 2013

Another Monday

Sometimes you wake up and put on the glooms instead of socks. It isn't something that can happen often, but when it does, it takes a few attempts to pull up the socks before one realizes they aren't there.It doesn't help that today I need to do something about the surface of this dining table.

On the East coast we are all wondering if it can't be sunny, could it at least be less cold? We went for a walk at Point Pleasant yesterday. The sky was a beautiful, crisp blue, the clouds pure white, the wind, freeeezing.

That's an sailboat out there, in the far horizon. There was a sailboat race going on and the wind was honking. Maniacs!
The Beech trees are always gorgeous, no matter what time of year. They are my all time favourite type of tree and I wish I had an English Estate so I could have several of them to sit under. One for every day of the week. These are not native and when Hurricane Jaun decimated Point Pleasant Park, there was some discussion about planting more of these. But I have to say.... which trees stood up in the storm and which blew down hmmm?

After our walk, we managed to get an hour or so of work done in the garden. Lucas mowed the lawn, Steve trimmed the edges and hauled some soil, I planted a few things and the cat ate grass. We had some tea and coffee on the back porch out of the wind. It was very nice. Steve was able to see the Robin(s) that is nesting in the hydrangea. I assume it is a pair. They are about 6 feet off the ground in a dense clump of the vine but this is where a pair of blue jays tried it two summers ago. The crows found the nest, a war was fought and the baby jays lost. Hopefully the crows aren't paying attention to the robins and the jays aren't jealous. I will try to get a picture but they are skittish.

I have been not working on my sister's 50th birthday gift. I did get it all out and put in on the studio table. If I walk back and forth often enough, something will hit me and I'll be back on track. I often do this, but usually on the floor. I step over and over it all and eventually something gets knocked into something else and I see the path.

I did spy this combination and while it isn't meant for the gift piece, it did get the threads and fabrics moving again. Now that this blog is finally put together (the uploading of pictures has become tortuous) I will go find my needles and thread for a few hours of stitching.

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