Monday, June 3, 2013

Powerful Transformations

When I sat down to write this post, I couldn't figure out what to talk about. Nothing had happened the past week. But then i remembered that this....
turned to this.....
I just looked at that table long and hard enough and it mind-melted away. That's Powerful!

Really, this is happening...
Phoebe is sanding the table, after me meaning to do it for about 10 years. It is finally, slowly, happening. The sander died. Phoebe is worried about getting all the dings and scratches out whereas I am worried about getting all the encrusted food off. The varnish had slowly been replaced by embedded food residue from 40 years as a dining table. At any rate, it's getting a face lift. I think I will get my mom's quilt up on a quilt frame in the dining room while the table is missing.

Phoebe has been terrific working in the garden this summer. Phoebe works for the Nova Scotia Sea School. Kids go on week long adventures, stay the entire time at sea on a 20 foot long open dory. They eat, sleep, cleanup and argue for 7 days straight and in between they sail and see whales and other amazing sea-ish things. This year Phoebe is second head crew and has two outings, plus several weekend outings. In between she helps me out in the garden or with indoor chores I hate doing. I love this arrangement. You should see how beautifully she painted the bathroom and hallway walls. Phoebe works, I pay, the place looks fabulous. And next week, Phoebe gets to use one of her three most favourite tools, the crow bar. The front porch is coming off. If she's lucky the boards will need cutting down to go in the garbage so she can use favourite tool number two, the band saw. All that's left to make her summer complete will be an hour or so with the chain saw. Funny kid.

The veggie garden section, all ready to make veggies. It has to be an improvement over last's years poor showing.

I have continued to make changes to my mom's sewing basket and it has evolved from this second stage.
I replaced the missing top for pins and needles. Then I made a divider with a slot across it to hold thin items upright.

I cut a piece of cardboard wider than the width of the basket, so it would curve backwards and not slide around too badly.

Now I have to figure out a way to have the threads in front of the divider but not get snarled up with each other. I do remember that many sewing baskets are really snake dens where the threads swarm around each other, doing naughty mating things yet not spawning new thread spools. I will attempt to put a stop to this kind of behaviour.

The other impressive transformation has been with my rolling pin. I received a small handful of early flowers, two iris, two tulips, some ajuga and something I didn't know the name of. Before they became too dead, I cut them up into small bits, scattered them over my experimental cloths and rolling pinned the hell out of them.
The darks of the tulips are almost a navy blue rather than the black of the flower. I left the tulip petals fairly large. The back ground is a cream/caramel combination.

Iris and Ajuga, cut up small, including stems and leafy bits. The paler colours to your left are from small pansies, last summer. The background is a basic white cotton.

That's it. Oh no, Wait! There was also this.
What can be better in a woman's life than finding her superpower?
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