Monday, January 30, 2017

Two by Each continues

Here is what I am not doing!

Are they mad? There were 6 or more people on the next beach surfing. We didn't get out of the car except to take the photo. I'm tell you, doing this kind of thing would certainly keep your mind off US news.

It was freezing rain and sleet. Steve and I had rented a car-share for a Sunday afternoon drive. We had hoped for some sun or at least, no rain. We headed to Lawrencetown beach, where the beaches are very walkable even in winter. Brrrrr.

Back at home, I curled on my chair and watched several episodes of Gardeners World 2015 while stitching.

After finishing the cross stitching, I looked around for my blunt nosed tweezers to take out the cross stitch grid (stiff stuff that allows you to do a cross stitch on cloth that is too fine to count the threads on) but couldn't find them in the usual spots. I had cleared out the medicine cupboard the day before and thought maybe the tweezers had ended up in the first aid kit. While standing in front of the cupboard, Steve leaned out from the bathroom. He was doing very messy things with the U bend in the bathroom sink.There was gook everywhere. He hands me my tweezers and says, "You better steralise these before you use them again." Ick.

  • Each strip has the first 10 inches or so embroidered for the first pass. As I move further down the strips, other ideas will come and I might want to repeat something at the beginning. I like to leave a few spots open in case I get a brilliant idea later on. In case I want to add beads or buttons, I also like to leave these off till the very last minute. They get in way of a good tension on the embroidery hoop. Then I'll get irritated, cut them off and then lose them. Bitter experience, you might say.

I like having bits that can lift up, with other bits underneath.

Despite using the grid for cross stitch, it wandered away from the edge.  I will look on that as an opportunity for some French knots eventually.

The hoop calleth.

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  1. I still have the pretty pin cushion you sent me-it hangs by my desk to remind of the good in the world. I love walking on the beach in winter-blows the cobwebs away and makes curling up at home all the sweeter.