Monday, February 6, 2017

A Paper Day

Along with stitching on textiles, I also fool around with stitching on paper.

I bought some black drawing paper to see how it would respond to holes and gluing. In this sample, I set the sewing machine up for Free Motion Embroidery. Using an unthreaded needle that was dull and not suitable for textiles and the feed dogs lowered, I moved the paper around. I didn't use a hoop. This is a nice difference that tissue paper. Tissue paper, or other light paper really needs a tight hoop to get it to move freely under the needle. This stiffer paper needed me to hold on to the edges only. I did not have a picture drawn on the back to follow. I only knew I wanted circles in one section and loose lines across the page.

This little composition is on mat board. I've used the inside of a torn envelop, some japanese paper with a floral motif, some torn magazine pages, a bottle cap liner, and some water colour paper for the bird.

I used a glue stick to get things to stick. I am beginning to suspect that there is either a big difference in different manufacturers of glue sticks or the quality of the glue has plummeted. Several small paper pieces are losing their stick. I am going to switch to using a brush and the old fashioned white glue.

For the bird, I used scraps of water colour paper that had things on it that I didn't love. Cut up into smaller bits, it became a good resource. I've needle pricked the bottle cap liner and added some gold french knots.

Along the narrow edge of the envelope, I have crossed stitched with the same thread as in the circle motif.

For a completely different project, I experimented with making a slit in a thick paper and slipping a prarie point through the slit, then securing it on the opposite side with a running stitch or french knots. The leafy triangle is fabric, the stripes is Japanese paper. I'll have a few more paper pieces over time, but now, the kettle boileth.

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