Monday, December 11, 2017

Inspirational images for me

While I was away from the studio, I was able to get through half of my photo archive and thought I'd share them with you. I look for pattern or colour or shape. Once in a while there is a little story that is charming. Enjoy.
A boat on the docks in Peggy's Cove. Lines and shapes.

Ropes on the same dock in Peggy's Cove. Colours and curves.

 Hmm, I think this is in Montreal on the waterfront by the St. Lawrence River. Layers.

Two ladies resting on a walk around the lake at Uniake House in Nova Scotia. They were so sweet.

Seed heads at Crystal Cresent Beach. Shapes and layers.

Flowers and colour dispersal at a beach on Grand Manan Island.

Lines and intersections from the steel bridge at Mill River over the Medway River, just a few miles up the road from our camp.

Buried canoe, a rather popular brand in the 60's I think. This is on the Northumberland Straight and on the horizon is Prince Edward Island. I like the stories this suggests.
The front porch at Uniake House, Nova Scotia. The bright winter sunlight creates some interesting spaces and lines.

Looking through the wheels of industrial production looms. I think this is the textile museum in Port Elgin, Ontario. I'm not sure of the town's name but it the Ottawa River.

Waves and foam created by the water crashing over a dam on the Ottawa River, winter time.

Fiver turtles on a log in a small pond. I remember the drive, an old train on an old track that was used in a movie but maintaining the track is too labour intensive and the rather awful hamberger for lunch, but I don't remember where we were. It's a cute little story happening here.

I have still to go through the pictures from Turkey and Spain and I think Arizona. More images to follow next week.

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